Pastor Joshua & First Lady Angela Arrand

Pastor Joshua and First Lady Angela Arrand were married in August 1998.  They previously served as ISAAC Youth Pastors here at More Life Tabernacle for over ten years, and also served the Michigan District Youth as Sectional Youth Leaders.  They then moved into the role of IGNITE Pastors at More Life, before becoming lead Pastors in January 2019. In January 2021, Pastor Arrand retired from Grand Blanc Community Schools to pastor and serve the people of More Life full time.   

They are both involved in various ministries throughout the church, and lead with great wisdom, honor and integrity.  Together, they have an exciting vision for the future of More Life Tabernacle!

They have three children, and three grandsons: Alex, Carson and Levi.  

Bishop Jerry & Senior First Lady Fay Stoner

Bishop Jerry J. F. Stoner received the Holy Ghost at a young age, and soon felt the call to the ministry.  He began evangelizing, and preached revivals all over the country.  He married Lois Fay Brown in 1977, and they welcomed their daughter, Angela, in 1978.  After twelve years on the evangelistic field, Bishop Stoner took the Pastoral role at a church in Amsterdam, NY.  In 1985, he became Pastor of More Life Tabernacle, and was ordained as Bishop in 2010.  

Together, Bishop and Senior First Lady Stoner have served More Life Tabernacle for over thirty years.  Although he had been ordained Bishop several years prior, he remained in the role of Pastor until January 2019.  It was at that time that the Pastoral reigns were turned over to Pastor Joshua Arrand. 

Bishop and Senior First Lady Stoner continue to be an active, integral part of the leadership here at More Life Tabernacle and well respected throughout the UPCI Michigan District and beyond.